CarKnow Unlocks Vehicle Data

CarKnow builds hardware and software that take data trapped in your vehicle and free them, enabling the development of unique, powerful, and transformative applications for vehicle owners and users alike.

Our CARduino device is plug-and-play in MY08+ vehicles and connects your car to our Cloud platform. Developers can write game-changing applications to improve your driving experience from safety to reliability or comfort and convenience, and you can buy these applications from our App Store.

The CARduino will be available for sale in Q1 2015, and the App Store will launch soon after.

CarKnow builds a platform for universal automotive app development. From comfort to convenience, efficiency to reliability, and safety to security, CarKnow’s App Store will have you covered.
Unlike competing systems, CarKnow goes beyond On-Board Diagnostics and into the rich networks manufacturers reserve for themselves. With Big Data and a Common Cloud, CarKnow unlocks the latent value in your vehicle.
CarKnow believes in the strength of the developer community. All hardware and embedded software that is not safety or security related will be released to the public under a BSD-style license.