Welcome To CarKnow

CarKnow builds hardware and software that liberate information trapped in cars today. The CARduino device bridges data-rich in vehicle networks to a Cloud server, and the CloudThink architecture allows easy, universal automotive application development. From safety and security to comfort and convenience, CarKnow has the power to change the way we interact with vehicles. Welcome to the future of the Connected Car.

The CarKnow Team

CarKnow has a small but mighty team, led by Josh Siegel, MIT S.M. ’13, S.B. ’11, PhD ’16 (expected). Josh has launched three companies, served in official advisory roles for two, and been involved with the MIT Entrepreneurs Club since 2008, serving as both President and Treasurer. Josh works with the MIT/SUTD/ETH Zurich Cloud-Think Standardization Team to develop the API, demonstration applications, and security behind the CloudThink standard and CarKnow hardware.

The CarKnow team is advised by Professor Sanjay Sarma of MIT and Erik Wilhelm of SUTD. CarKnow’s founder and advisors have proven track records of success, building transformative products in keystone industries.

The platform and hardware would not be possible without the support of a dedicated team of part-time developers and consultants including Dylan Erb, Isaac Ehrenberg, Simon Mayer, and Leyna Sadamori.

Additional faculty, students, and researchers at SUTD, ETH-Zurich, and Masdar Institute provide development support, particularly relating to security and standardization. For the latest academic team, check out cloud-think.com or cloudthink.mit.edu.

Consulting Services

CarKnow LLC is pleased to offer a range of design, development, and reverse engineering consulting services. We have an excellent team passionate about vehicle networks and skilled in embedded system design, C, RF design, mechanical design and manufacturing, production, and more. Inquire today for more information on how CarKnow can help you succeed in this competitive industry.

Investor Opportunities

CarKnow’s business model does not require external capital, and therefore the company is not actively seeking investment.

Any business models are trade secret and will not be divulged to third parties. If you believe you might offer CarKnow a compelling reason to accept funding, contact the team using the contact form. Not all e-mails will receive replies.