What is the CARduino?

The CARduino is an open source car-to-Cloud connectivity device with onboard sensors and network interfaces.

An App Store for Autos

Cars are connected devices, so why aren’t they customizable? CarKnow provides an app store that can transform your current car into a smart car.

Launch Apps

CarKnow’s default application suite turns your car into a Swiss Army knife of Big Data!

Tilty is an app that tilts your mirrors automatically when you shift into reverse. Neat!

Heatr can adjust the HVAC system to your desired temperature, without your having to touch a single button.

TeenTracker provides a real-time view of your vehicle – everything from engine speed to mass airflow to the Google Street View in front of the car!


Parky reminds you where your car was last parked.


ClockWatch sets your radio clock to the current timezone, even as you drive long distances.


Remotely allows you rich vehicle access from your smartphone. Lock and unlock, honk the horn, roll up your windows, or put on the windshield wipers!


Radiator tunes your radio to your favorite genre, no matter where you are.

NPR Anywhere tunes your radio to the nearest broadcasting NPR tower.


WeatherWatcher uses weather reports to close your windows automatically if you’ve left them open and rain is imminent.


FuelPal monitors your driving habits and gives you suggestions on how to improve fuel economy in realtime.


Green-O-Meter shows where you typically drive, and CO2 hotspots along the route.


RoadTripper records your trips and allows you to replay the data, pointing out inefficiencies and suggesting improvements


ShiftGears provides real-time gear selection recommendations, based on your own driving style and vehicle.

Ranger provides a second, data-informed opinion of remaining range in your PHEV or EV. Go ahead, take that trip with confidence!

PrognostiCar monitors your vehicle for potential failures and identifies them early, suggesting corrective action or scheduling proactive maintenance.


DealerTrip automatically schedules service for your vehicle and finds the shop with the lowest price.

RaceWatch allows CarKnow data to be overlaid on top of video recorded by a smartphone app. We’ll help you get that apex just right!

AutomaticHome ties your vehicle data to your home automation system. Turn off lights automatically, turn the heat on when you head home from work, and more!


Have an app you’re dying to see? E-mail us your idea, and we might make it!

How it Works

Simply plug in the CARduino, register an account, and you’re ready to subscribe to apps!

If you are using a BYOD (bring your own data) device, you must provide an appropriate SIM card with data plan.

Hack your Car

Not finding the data you need? Want to get insights normally reserved for ├╝bergeeks? Use the CARduino to hack your own car — and share what you find with others! Our reverse engineering wizard makes things simple.

Bring your Own Data or Pair with Partners

Applications will be provided at reasonable monthly rates and data plans will be available through CarKnow, or a compatible GSM SIM card and data plan may be used.

Users will also be given the option of sharing their data with trusted third parties and will receive a partial or full subsidy on their data and/or application subscription fees.

Ready to Roll?

Use our mailing list at the bottom of this page to sign up for information about our upcoming Kickstart campaign and be the first to get started with CarKnow!