No matter the make or model, app development is easy with CarKnow’s brand-agnostic API.

Unlike other systems, CarKnow’s CARduino provides incredibly rich data. Our device captures complete vehicle data including OBD, J1939, and raw CAN data, motion and context from GPS, accelerometers and gyroscopes, and has the ability to compute simple sensor fusion onboard the in-car unit.
CarKnow’s use of the CloudThink platform means that we can abstract the differences of interfacing with different vehicle makes and models out of the development equation. Want fuel level? We make it simple and provide a universal way to get any data from vehicles, whether or not it’s a standardized parameter.
Developing with a RESTful API means that your applications can run on any modern web enabled device without the need for translation.
CloudThink provides a common cloud repository for connected cars. When users elect to share information, that enables the creation of apps using data from hundreds or thousands of vehicles. Crowdsourced data builds quickly.
Want to take your data elsewhere? Use it with another system, like IFTTT or your home automation system? Portable data makes it easy.
CarKnow has designed its hardware and software with open-sourcing in mind. When the CARduino goes on sale, non-safety related code will be released under a BSD-style license.
Unlike typical OBD-only systems, CarKnow’s hardware can operate vehicle actuators. Unlock to your heart’s content!
Car not supported by our platform yet? Want to dig in deeper than we have? Use our hardware to hack your own car and share what you find with other users. Once verified, we’ll incorporate your findings into our API!

API Details

CarKnow is releasing limited development specifics at this time, while we finalize our API’s abstraction approach.

When the API is made available, developers enrolled in the CarKnow Developer Program will be able to access OBDII data, GPS data, accelerometer data, and manufacturer-specific data which may include:

  • Steering wheel angle
  • Fuel level
  • Brake status / position
  • Lighting status
  • Infotainment status
  • Individual wheel data
  • Accelerometers, yaw rate sensors, and more…

Additionally, depending on the vehicle platform, actuation may be available. A partial list of actuation available appears below:

  • Check/Clear Malfunction Indicator Lamp and/or Trouble Codes
  • DIC/IPC display
  • Electronic parking brake
  • Individual lamp control (Interior/Exterior)
  • Door locks and latches
  • Individual window control
  • Horn
  • Windshield wipers
  • HVAC Control (Fan speed, temperature)
  • Heated seats
  • Remote start

Sell Your Apps

Just like the iTunes App Store or Google Play, CarKnow will provide a subscription-based app store for autos. Get paid for your good work and great ideas!

Details on profit sharing and payment arrangements to follow.

Developer Signup

To sign up for information on becoming a developer when the CloudThink platform is accepting applications, please fill out our Google Form. Use our mailing list at the bottom of this page to sign up for information about our upcoming Kickstart campaign!

CANbus Wiki

To facilitate easy development, CarKnow will manage a Wiki-style database for reverse engineering vehicle network architectures. Editors will be able to verify command function for developer use, or the community will vote on command efficacy. The Wiki will go live when CloudThink accepts developers into its program. Platforms already reverse-engineered include the General Motors Global-A platform and Volvo P2 platform.

Though not the complete database CarKnow will be releasing, some information is available on our Wiki, available here.

Please feel free to use the data provided and contribute to the Wiki, but understand that the data have not been validated and are used at your own risk. CarKnow, LLC takes no responsibility for the content or use of data hosted on the Wiki; data are contributed and for use by community members only.