Fleet management is tough. We know that. That’s why CarKnow’s hardware and software are designed to make your life simpler. Broad device compatibility and a one-size fits all API make building apps and analytics simple.
The CARduino supports OBDII, J1939, and raw CANbus signals — so no matter the makeup of your fleet, our versatile device can serve your needs.
With location and context data, easily track the status of your entire fleet, in realtime. Use trigger events to automatically send notifications based on geofences or acceleration events.
Pair the CARduino with our smartphone app, and have an auditable trail of who was driving which vehicle when. Automatic report generation simplifies meeting federal logbook regulations.
When you understand how your fleet is being used, you can begin to identify opportunities. We help you identify underused vehicles and take corrective action, ensuring the best bang for your buck for your fleet operations.
Your vehicles are hiding information from you! With the rich information CarKnow’s CARduino device provides, we can help identify problems as they develop and suggest corrective action or schedule service — changing catastrophic failures into benign scheduled downtime.
Whether your want to do things in house or hire a CarKnow consultant, the CloudThink API makes writing new applications and analytics a breeze.

Vehicles can talk. CarKnow helps you listen.

CarKnow’s services can help companies of any scale. From instrumenting fleets to reduce operating costs, to providing auditability for driver hours logged and monitoring vehicle payload in realtime, CarKnow can help you build a compelling solution.

With support for OBD and J1939, no vehicle is too big or too small for us to work with!

For more information, get in touch with a CarKnow consultant using the contact information available at the bottom of this page.