Press Videos

Demo Videos

Sensors Expo

This video is the demonstration video shown at Sensors Expo 2014 as a demonstration of CarKnow’s use of Internet Protocol for the IPSO Alliance 2014 Challenge.

CloudThink Interactions

The video above shows part of the “CloudThink” vision, integrating devices to build a better life.

Application Demonstration

The above video demonstrates example applications that can be made with the MIT CloudThink Standard (formerly CloudCar Project) and CarKnow hardware.

Remote Control

This video demonstrates CarKnow and CloudThink‘s ability to recreate existing apps (like OnStar’s remote lock, unlock, and remote start) along with providing innovative new features like cellphone-operable window actuators.

Lemelson Prize Entry

The above video is Josh’s entry into the 2013 MIT Lemelson Student Prize.

MassIT Videos

MassIT Kickoff Video

The above video is the kickoff video for the MassIT Government Innovation Prize.

Carduino V9 Pick-and-Place Assembly

The above video shows the Version 9 Carduino hardware alpha prototypes in production.


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